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Refrigerant R415B
R415B refrigerant gas has entered into the regional and world servicing market for the replacement of R-12, and even R-134a.[more]
Refrigerant R418A
R418A refrigerant gas is a new envioronmental-friendly gas. R418A is used to replace R22 and R502 in household air conditioning,central air conditioning,industrial process refrigeration,transport refrigeration, cold storage warehouse etc.[more]
Refrigerant R32
HFC-32 is used as a special type of refrigerant or make blend refrigerants such as R407, R410, R504.[more]
Refrigerant R23
Low temperature refrigerant, extinguishant, chemical raw material[more]
Refrigerant R125
As a refrigerant, mainly used in the fields of air conditioner, industrial cooling and cooling water units; used for confecting refrigerants like R404A, R407C, R410A and R507, etc. for R22 and R12; also as fire extinguishing agent for subsitution of Hyloon series agents.[more]
Refrigerant R152a
Used as raw material for refrigerants, aerosol, detergent and PVDF.[more]
Refrigerant R143a
HFC-143a is used as a special type of refrigerant or make blend refrigerants such as R404, R408, R507.[more]
Refrigerant R290
High pure grade R290 is used as temperature sensing medium. Premium grade and first grade R290 can be used as refrigerant and can replace R22.[more]
Refrigerant R600a
font color='red'>Refrigerant, can replace R12[more]
Refrigerant R1270
Can replace R22, R502, used in cryogenic refrigeration equipment.[more]
Refrigerant R1150
Can replace R13, R503, used in cryogenic refrigeration equipment[more]
Refrigerant R124
font color='red'>Refrigerant, fire-extinguishing agent, R114 replacement .[more]
Refrigerant R14
As a low temperature refrigerant; in electronics microfabrication alone or in combination with oxygen as a plasma etchant for silicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride; in high-voltage equipment production; in neutron detectors.[more]
Refrigerant R116
Usede as Refrigerant, PTFE material, Halon 1211 intermediate[more]
Refrigerant R507
As the long-term substitute for R502, R507 used mainly in the low temperature refrigeranting systems.[more]
Refrigerant R22
Chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22), a colorless gas at room temperature, is a colorless, non - toxic, non-flammable and transparent liquid under the pressure created by itself. It has excellent thermal and chemical stabilities and no corrosivity to metals. Its main applications include refrigerant(-80℃grade), raw material for PTFE production and intermediate for Halon 1211 production.[more]
Refrigerant R134a
HFC-134a is used as refrigerant in automobile air-conditioning, household and commercial refrigerant applications. It can also be used as aerosol, flame retardan, and blowing agent in pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, cosmetics and cleaning sectors.[more]
Refrigerant R410A
R410A refrigerant is used in new residential and commercial air conditioning systems, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and small chillers. R-410A is also being considered in some medium temperature refrigeration applications.[more]
Refrigerant R404a
R404A is formulated to closely match the properties of Refrigerant R502, making it useful for a variety of medium and low temperature refrigeration applications.Refrigerant R404A has been approved by many refrigeration compressor and system manufacturers for use in new refrigeration equipment such as food display and storage cases, cold storage rooms, ice machines, transportation, and process refrigeration.[more]
Refrigerant R406a
R-406A is a mixture of three components chlorodifluoromethane (R-22), isobutane (R-600a) and chlorodifluoroethane (R-142b) in the ratio 55/4/41. R406A was designed as a replacement for R-12, which is compatible with the typical mineral oil lubricants used in R-12 systems. It has a range of boiling points which may increase the effectiveness of the heat transfer elements in refrigeration equipment. As it contains R-22, its future is limited due to eventual phase-out.[more]
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