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Starget environmental protection coolib series

Product Name:Refrigerant R415B

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      R415B refrigerant gas has entered into the regional and world servicing market for the replacement of R-12, and even R-134a.
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    Refrigerant R32
    Refrigerant R32
    HFC-32 is used as a special type of refrigerant or make blend refrigerants such as R407, R410, R504.
    Refrigerant R23
    Refrigerant R23
    Low temperature refrigerant, extinguishant, chemical raw material
    Refrigerant R125
    Refrigerant R125
    As a refrigerant, mainly used in the fields of air conditioner, industrial cooling and cooling water units; used for confecting refrigerants like R404A, R407C, R410A and R507, etc. for R22 and R12; also as fire extinguishing agent for subsitution of Hyloon series agents.
    Refrigerant R152a
    Refrigerant R152a
    Used as raw material for refrigerants, aerosol, detergent and PVDF.



    Quality Indicators
     Purity   ≥99.8%
     Moisture   ≤0.001%
     Acidity   ≤0.0001%
     ASHRAE security level  -

    Physical Properties
     Molecular formula  -
     The molecular formula  70.20
     Boiling point (℃)  -26.72
     Freezing temperature (℃)  -
     Critical pressure (KPa)  4768
     Liquid density 24℃ (g/cm3)  0.935
     Ozone depleting potential ODP  0.01
     Global warming coefficient GWP  440








    Main Packaging


    Other Packaging

     Package type  Product specifications
     Can  -
     Disposable cylinder  12kg
    Refillable cylinder
     Tank  20T





    1、Select 7 layer of high density board  
    1、Using inferior low density board
    2、Excellent packaging 2、High leakage rate
    3、Professional seal design to prevent leakage
    3、Wthout any qualification certification
    4、Protect the compressor system 4、Easy to damage the compressor system




    1\How can we know about the quality?

    About the quality, our testing standard is by the gas purity. We can offer customers certificate COA and MSDS of the gas, also customers can do SGS and the third party tested is welcomed.


    2\What is the payment do you accept?

    Our main payment terms are T/T and L/C.


    3\What is the delivery time after payment?

    Usually it is about 15-20 days, for HCFCs, it will be a little long, about 25 days, as it need apply export license from government.


    4\Do you have your independent brand?

    Yes, we have our brand, COOLIB, PURVAN.


    5\What is your sales volume one year?

    Annual amount of sales is about 1.1 billion at present. R22 is about 40000 Tons, R134A is about 8000 Tons .


    6\How about the package?

    Disposable Cylinder: 15lbs, 30lbs, 50lbs;

    CE Cylinder: 12.3L, 14.3L, 50L;

    DOT: 30lbs, 50lbs;

    Besides, we can provide 50L, 60L, 100L, 400L, 500L, 800L, 926, 1000L cylinders and low and high pressure tank.


    7\How can we import refrigerant? How can we import refrigerant?

    As we are doing the export business. We have all right to export gas to our customer’s country. But customers need have the import license for clearing the cargo.


    8\Are freight charges extra?

    Freight charges extra if we do the FOB price. But we can also do the CIF which will including the freight and insurance.


    9\What is your main exporting port?

    The main exporting port is Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port. ‘STARGETCHEM’ is a group company which has two factories near Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port and three subsidiary offices north and south wide. The convenient sea transportation allow the shipment timely.





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